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Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh My Happy Day--Guest Blog

Guest Blog by Just Some Guy

Okay so yes I’m the one that tried to talk Sarah into moving to Boise, and no it wasn’t for sexual reasons. My biggest problem now is that Sarah missed the greatest day of the year in Idaho. I like to call it coming out day for Republicans. I’m usually not political at all but if you knew Larry Craig then a) your gaydar would go off too and b) you’d love the hypocrisy of his political views.

My political joyous rant is now over.

Alright Sarah asked me to guest blog on her trip to Potatoland and I must say judging from some of your comments maybe I should be the one moving to Utah. Funny how I wasn’t “Hott!!!” when I lived there. Oh well I’m not bitter…yes I am.

I just want to give you some highlights of Sarah quotes:

“Seeing all these cows on the way up I really want a burger”
Then she got one, and got immediate nausea.

“How do you not have a mirror?”
For the record I do have one, it just doesn’t show what shoes I’m wearing apparently. Which shouldn’t matter anyway because, Sarah forgot her shoes and wore the single pair of flip flops she brought with her. I guess they go with everything after all.

“I just want to lay down here and stay forever.”
Yes that was in the wine aisle at Albertsons where Sarah learned that when idiot conservative church going republicans don’t make liquor laws you can have a better consumer experience while grocery shopping.

“What do you mean your internet is out?”
I have seen heroin addicts with better ability to deal with their addiction. It’s okay Stella James needed the rest I think.

“How sturdy do you think her bike lock is?”
Yes Sarah wanted to steal a woman’s pink cruiser. Even better was her rationale of, “look there’s another one she can just steal hers”

While SLC’s favorite blogger may never move to my fair state of Ada County I will say that I doubt she’ll make the amount of Idaho jokes she did before. After all I can walk to the store and pick up a bottle of “Little Pink Truck” anytime I want to. So there.


Begging!! said...

How can I score home visit with Sarah? I would be content with just one day.

World Peace said...

Sarah! I'm waiting for you to visit ME in San Diego. Smiles.

click for arrest report - ak said...

That whole Larry Craig thing is just too funny. He "regrets pleading guilty" If you're not guilty, don't plead guilty! and this whole "I'm not gay" thing... late night will have fun with this one for sure.

Anonymous said...

Okay so yes I’m the one that tried to talk Sarah into moving to Boise, and no it wasn’t for sexual reasons.

Why not? Are you gay?