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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Single & Stalking

A friend and I were discussing relationships last night over drinks. The previous woman he'd been dating wasn't exactly monogamous. Now that he's back on the prowl, I thought it might be fun to practice my matchmaking skills. Asking him what he looks for in a woman, thinking he'd provide the basics: pretty, smart and most importantly a great rack.


"Well, if she wasn't screwing someone else she would have been fantastic. So available is a start."

And this was proven by ogling every ring less waitress the remainder of the evening. Like a true friend, I helped.


Anonymous said...

That's funny! Available is a good trait when dating.

100% Stalker Free said...

What does he look like? I'm single and looking.

Sumwun said...

I'd give up huge boobs for fidelity any day.

Sarahbellum said...

anon: I certainly think available is a good trait. Too bad not everyone feels the same way.

stalker free: Oh, he's hot!

sumwun: There's something to be said about fidelity. I'm for it. But a good rack is always nice...