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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Daisy... still Lazy

Thank you to everyone for all the emails and comments checking up on Daisy! She's doing much better. I know this because she ate salad when I accidentally dropped some on the floor yesterday.

She's still taking medications which are re-training her blood to clot. I admit this had me slightly worried at first-- I've never been able to train her to rollover, much less something so difficult. Puggy is still slightly lethargic, but this is easily explained by the fact she's following my lead. After all, it is the Lord's day, which in my house means weekend drinking recovery.


AJ said...

Thanx for the update. Hobo, Aggi (Vagabond), & Drifter said to tell Daisy,"woof,woof,woof", which roughly translates to "get well soon."

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear!!!