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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not a Match

The hostess with the mostess, Katie, had another great bbq Sunday afternoon for a friend's going away party. (If you're keeping track that's two friends leaving this month.)

We were talking about online dating and she told me that had tried to match her divorced parents. I laughed. No way was that going to happen to me.

...but then it did.

Yesterday an email came from Match letting me know an ex and I are an 84% match. Seriously? Been there done that. I think it's time for Match to revamp inventory.


Pete Dunn said...

I've often wondered how Donna and I would match up.

Danielle said...

this lady I know completed the like 400 question profile on eharmony and it came back with NO matches. hahaha makes me laugh out off all the people no matches. sad

Danielle said...

I meant to spell of not off