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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Small Tidbit

My mom was questioning an ethical decision I made recently:

Mom: "And do you think you made the right decision?"

Sarah: "How am I supposed to know, remember I dropped an ethics class when a midget sat behind me."

M: "Sarah, a midget, really?"

S: "Um sorry, I think the correct term is vertically challenged."

M: "Interesting. So what is your politically correct term? Spiritually challenged?"

S: "I'm sure that's one of many. Wanna hear my suggestions?"

M: "Maybe another time."

S: "Should I remind you?"

M: " No, never."


Bob said...

I want to hear the pollitically correct terms!

Spiritually challenged is good, but I know you can do better!

leash said...

your mother is a saint...and you are hilarious.

Weber said...

I think you're Mom's pretty funny as well. I loved the "spiritually challenged".

Sarahbellum said...

bob: Someday, Bob, someday.

leash: I agree. On both counts. (Ps. The Saint said to send you her congrats and best wishes.)

weber: My mom is fantastic!