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Friday, August 03, 2007

Where Winter Sweaters go to Die

Last night I heard Daisy go upstairs. I went up a few minutes later and couldn't find her. I walked back down the stairs and looked around. Nothing. I started to panic thinking what if she slipped out of the house and I hadn't noticed. Frantic, I ran back upstairs one last time to look around before going out to scour the neighborhood. Suddenly the giant pile of laundry on my floor shifted. She raised her head long enough to give me evil skank eye for disturbing her slumber and laid back down and went to sleep. Stubborn little creature refused to the rest of the night. Perhaps I should consider doing laundry soon?


Marjorie said...

We babysat ryan's nephew and couldn't find there dog, I was conviced the dog was gone for good and that our sister in law would never talk to us again. The should have told us he sleeps in the back corner of there closet and doesn't come when you call. I just assume everyone's dog is neurotic like mine never leaves your side.

Marjorie said...

You did awesome on Studio 5 this morning. You looked beautiful as always and answered everything perfect.
I was anticipating your appearance on Studio 5 when I wrote the previous comment so there are some gramatical errors, I usually know the difference between there and their.