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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A fellow blogger friend and I were discussing our reader stats at coffee today. He pointed out you really have to be a mommy blogger these days to have a large amount of site traffic. To which I replied, "I'm not getting knocked up just so I can be a mommy blogger!"

Which is why I will be strictly enforcing the bring your own condom rule in all my future, ahem, endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Flavored or glow in the dark?

theorris said...

Hmm. So popularity has something to do with fecundity? I'm fucking* screwed then.

Well I guess I always was.

Who are these "mommy bloggers" and what do they write about that is so fucking* interesting.

*I'm on vacation and have decided to drop the F bomb whenever and where-ever possible.

ryan said...

uhm. at the risk of being flamed..

WTF is a 'mommy blogger', and how in hell does that have anything to do with site traffic?

mk99 said...

This is so very true. Some are amusing, but I don't get the fascination.

I find your blog much more consistently humorous - in a trashy, drunken, heathen sort of way.