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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lessons in Consumerism

A friend and I were running errands today. And by errands I mean the liquor store for Stoli, and Smiths for mixers.

"Why in the world did I get a tampon coupon for purchasing lemonade? That makes no sense, whatsoever!"

"You bought sugar-free lemonade--only a girl would buy that."

It's the little things that make me smile.


Marjorie said...

Ok one nice feature to having a husband is you can put your wine order in over those phone and it's delivered to you door already paid for. If I were closer I would do the same for you.

lindenx said...

"We can't serve you if you are, hammer'd"

Nice punctuation abuse, there, liquor store guys.

I did once see a guy get cut off (at the 4th S 2nd W store which is admitedly kind of ghetto, but also open late). He was trying to buy one of those 350mL flask-shaped bottles of some kind of schnapps, and the clerk just looked at him, mumbled something about the guy having been in there enough times already that day, and took the bottle away.

Amberly said...

Yep, the downtown 4th South liquor store. I'd recognize that Hammer'd sign anywhere!