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Thursday, August 02, 2007

To Each Their Own Smack

Do you have a justification dance? I do. It's cute and geeky all at the same time. And today I had the opportunity to share it with everyone in the parking lot of Blockbuster.

I went with Marky to pick up some crack cocaine, or Deadwood, whatever. Do not deny this boy his smack. He gets moody! As we were checking out Marky was lingering near the treats. I kindly reminded him we were stopping at Maverick for drinks and Sunchips. The cashier got excited, which is not normal. (The Hollywood Video near my house employs zombie kids. I'm sure they are just hungover and puffy from the previous night, but I'm sticking with the zombie story.) The cashier and I, we bonded over cinamon flavored Sunchips. I discovered them at a truck stop in Evanston and have been in love ever since. Seriously, churros in a bag. It's a beautiful thing.

As usual Marky has been forced to accept my obsessions. Meaning he's driven me to countless gas stations on the hunt for them. Sadly, they're not so easy to find. I was so excited that someone else was just as addicted. Suddenly I felt normal. Of course only for a brief second, because that's when the parking lot of people saw me dancing around with my fist in the air--ala Rocky Balboa.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the cinnamon Sunchips a Grove's Market- on Main Street, between 2100 South and 1700 South... just behind O.C. Tanner. In fact, I think Grove's has nearly every kind of chip in a grab bag you could want.