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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ben's Theory

"Al Gore is clueless, Daisy's ass is the leading cause of global warming."

After which, I'm sure he went straight home and starting researching on the internet how dog farts affect climate change.


Midge said...

I think Ike's adding to global warming too, he's got the worse gas all the time. I bet you can't wait to get a wif of that too. you do need to see him though.

ak said...

I never really understood how flatulence leads to global warming... the carbon you are letting into the atmosphere came from food that somewhere in the foodchain was pulled out of the atmosphere by photosynthesis. should be zero balance for atmospheric carbon right?

ryan said...

YOUR DOG is causing Polar Bears to DROWN!!

Methinks you should put him/her/it down to help save the planet. .. and the drowning polar bears.!

oh.. and btw, farts don't expel out carbon!?! It's METHANE! the biggest baddest greenhouse gas of them all!

.. everytime you let one out a polar bear drowns. .. GAS-X ppl.. Take it for the bears.

ak's nonscientific opinion said...

Methane is composed of carbon and hydrogen - the carbon has to come from somewhere - digestion of veggies - we're not just pulling carbon out of our asses. And methane in the atmosphere oxidizes into carbon dioxide and water... but it is true - methane is a strong green house gas, even though there is a lot less of it and it doesnt last as methane....

ryan said...

AK .. you just pwnd me hard. gg.

But it's not going to save teh polar bears. :(