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Saturday, March 03, 2007

thank you!

as you can imagine things have been rather hectic in my world over the past couple of days. i want to thank everyone for their amazing support. the blog world, i've found, is a tight knit community who take care of their own. thank you for all the kind emails and posts. i've read them all and am very appreciative.

i forgot to post my column for this week, sorry! you can find it here, it's a willie nelson tribute. to see photos of the concert go here.

while on the subject, i want to make sure everyone understands i'm not referring to IN utah this week or the SL tribune as my current employer. i write a weekly column for them, but am not a full-time employee on their staff. the magazine and their staff have been very supportive of my blog, in fact that's how i came to write for them.


Fellow Blogger said...

Anything we can do.

Wooties! said...

Apologies for assuming it was the trib whom you were referring as the employer..

Hang in there Sarah!

Q said...

Just remember its an employees martket around here. Good luck bellum.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Sarah. I hope you were able to get what you needed. You have a lot of people out there that care. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

Great column. I wouldn't have pegged you as a Willie girl. Glad you had a good time and who needs "The Man" when you have a brother with goofy facial hair?! In the end you probably had more fun with your brother.

I'm sorry to hear about your work problems. Thanks for clarifying about your employer. I thought it was different that the blog would cause any problems for the magazine. It makes more sense knowing you work elsewhere.

So whats happened with that?

Helping Hand said...

"Should I stay or Should I go"

All life decisions should be based off 80's song lyrics.

R. said...

I hope things are looking up.

Smile, you make us smile.

Anonymous said...

So, any word on what's going to happen with all this?

Great column this week.

Mikey said...


When you finally become Queen (as is your rightful destiny) can I have a condo at Park City? Preferably with ski in/ski out access?