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Thursday, March 15, 2007

thursday night addiction

tonight is a new episode of grey's anatomy! so rather than being outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, i'll be in hibernation mode on my couch. there's no place i'd rather be, well unless it was somewhere watching it on a big screen television with pretty boys fanning me and feeding me an assortment of treats, including but not limited to red vines, caramel popcorn and jelly beans.

since that isn't happening i'll be getting ice cream and putting jammies on for the big event, because that's how i roll.


theorris said...

Screw that, you should go bowling.

jen said...

sounds exactly like the evening I have planned. Imagine that...

Brian said...

So while I will admit right off that just about anything on network television interests me about as much as watching Dick Cheney grow an exciting new liver spot, I would like to lodge a formal complaint.


It seems that of all the woman I've dated, *very* few have been open to the type of pampering you suggest here Sarah. What's up with that?!

I mean, a foot (or back or wherever) rub while you watch your fav. show? Sharing a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's together? Hell, for that matter cuddling at all? What's wrong with you women?! (not all...just the one's I seem to date!)

My stupid caramel corn is gonna turn into caramel rocks and my red vines into a strange form of red unbreakable plastic while I wait for a woman who appreciates this sorta thing to come along. Good on ya Sarah for vocalizing your wants and desires - and may they be met soon and with enthusiasm! *thumbsup*


Charlotte said...

oh my GOD, i was so excited to see the new one, but then bummed because for the first time this season I had to watch it myself. and i was freaking out at the end!


love your website by the way.

ryan said...

Entirely WAY too much drama in that show. RL has enough of that. Sweet! lets make a show about drama queens infidelity and stories that make no sense in real-life scenarios whatsoever! whoo hoo.. it's like sci-fi, for chicks.

well, so long as you're entertained i guess.

oh, but i did enjoy brian's rant .. in a sad, desperate way. But enjoyable non the less.


Ms Aimee said...

i understand and love this addiction.