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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i'm in love!

that's right, i'm totally and madly in love with my new phone. remember when i said i'd never own a blackberry? i lied. it's just like tivo, i can't imagine life without it.

the pearl is just as pretty as i had hoped, not to mention it does everything. if there were a legal way to marry it i would! it's the best gadget i've ever owned, beating the eager beaver back massager i got as a birthday gift a couple years ago. it slept on the pillow next to mine last night--we're deep into a relationship, so i felt it only appropriate. truthfully, i like it better than a lot of men who've ended up sleeping on that pillow.

i'm sure i'll receive a call from my mother asking how i expect to snag a husband when i announce in public forum that i'd rather marry my phone.


Melliferous Pants said...

It's better than declaring that you'd rather marry your vibrator.

Anonymous said...

I nearly spit my drink when I read this. Your "massager", HA!

Dave said...

i'm surprised you didn't wait for the iphone.

J-Man said...
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sarahbellum said...

pants: i knew you'd see it my way.

anon: don't spit, it's gross.

dave: me wait? it's like we've never met.

j-man: i miss your comment.

Ms Aimee said...

i love phones and massagers.