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Friday, March 16, 2007

friday revelations

as suggested by lincoln, here is a post of self revelations:

If cooked cauliflower didn’t smell so badly, I’d eat it every night.
I have a weakness for cheese. And ice cream.
I’m trying really hard to buy things in other colors besides pink.
I can’t stand clean clothes on the floor, even when they’re someone else’s.
I’m scared of Math.
I watch more TV than I should.
I sleep with baby blanket.
I miss sleeping with one certain man, and only that man. He cuddles properly.
I wish I could cook. I wish I had a real kitchen to learn to cook.
I crave gas station hot dogs all the time, but hate eating meat.
I’m a neat freak, but my apartment looks like it suffered an explosion.
I wonder all the time if I’ll ever love someone again.
Sometimes I play favorites with my niece and nephew, but I love them the same.My sister-in-law, Holli, had the best fashion and I wish I could steal her clothes.
I didn’t like said sister-in-law at first, but now I love her dearly and can’t imagine not having her as a sister.
I worry Ben will marry someone I hate.
If I don’t like the ending of a book, I rewrite it.
I hope to someday write a book and have someone care enough to read it.
I regret not finishing a degree, and have recently vowed to finish.
I miss working with my geeks.
I hate writing with anything other than blue ink pens.
I am a giant flake, but have no interest in changing.
I pretend I don’t care what others think of me, but I do. A lot.


urban princess said...

I pretend I don’t care what others think of me, but I do. A lot.

my word we're the same.

Richard Watson said...

you sound normal to me.
Challenges and regrets are a part of life. About what other people think of you....I do know this, there are a lot who would love to trade places with you. And, you are one of the coolest people I have ever met...even more so now, because you like gas station hot dogs!
(with mustard and relish!)

Anonymous said...

Here's what someone thinks of you:

Sarah's flake-factor was one of the initial reasons I decided to be friends with her.

Sarah secretly knows how to cook, though even she may not know it. If her kitchen wasn't in the middle of her living room, she would probably cook all the time.

Gas station hot dogs taste best on Summer nights when you've had a beer or two and you walk a couple of blocks to get them and you're walking with Sarah and laughing at the world and you feel like the two of you are probably the greatest girls ever. And it's true. Because one of you is Sarah.

If Sarah bought all things in colors other than pink, she wouldn't be Sarah.

In my mobile phone, Sarah is programmed as "Sarah!" because I felt like an exclamation point was appropriate for her name because she's SARAH!

Sarah will fall in love again. With a man who deserves her. She's one in ten million and so is the guy who will end up snagging her one day. She just has to be patient (and remember that 'the one' will posess certain ideal qualities, like allowing a certain amount of pink in the bedroom.)

Sarah is bright and terrific and amazing. I know because I'm a snob and I choose to keep the number of people who I can truly say are my friends limited to approximately two, and she is one of them.

The Dude said...

I like this segment. You should do it every friday. It's good to hear real Sarah facts.

I like the anon comments back. I wish I knew you in real life and I would do the same.

This is to all that do, write some stuff about her. We want to know the real Sarah.

jen said...

I could go on and on for hours about this, but I'll only contribute a few:
~Sarah is the only person that truly knows how to comfort me, offer sound advice, and be optimistic when I have not an ounce of optimisim left in me.
~Without Sarah, I couldn't say to people "My best friend and I have been best friends for 15 years."
~Sarah has this way of looking at you, almost like she sees you as the person you are so longing to be. She sees it first.
~If you really mean a lot to Sarah, she'll put your picture on her fridge. Not many pictures make it up there!
~Sarah will always be there to help you make it through one (or two) of the toughest things in your life. Because she cares that much about you.

leash said...

ditto anonymous. sarah is better friend than most family.

Brian said...

Ní heaspa do díth carad.
"There is no need like the lack of a friend."

Happy St. Patrick's Day Sarah.

There's a saying that many old Irishmen's lives were always filled with a powerful sorrow - punctuated only by brief periods of joy. You strike me asjust the opposite. All the same, a healthy dose of the craic tomorrow wouldn't hurt! A proper pint on me if I see you. won't be green. I said proper! ;)

Jeff said...

Jen i better go over to her house and make sure tha my picture is on her fridge

Thomas said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now (we have a few friends in common) and I've never bothered to leave a comment. 'Til now...

I think you're lovely. Inside and out.

Always a reader said...

Sarah, thank you for posting such a revealing post. From your comments doesn't look like you need to worry about what others think of you.

You're brilliant at what you do. I log on to read you multiple times a day, and I've not met you. You have a way of bringing people in. Your honestly is amazing. I felt your post about eating disorders really opened yourself up to us. I apprecaite that.

Lincoln said...

If someone who didn't like you, made that feeling known to the public...your fanbase would probably kill them.

Dainon said...

I like this window into your soul. Thanks.

Melliferous Pants said...

I love this! You make me want to make a self revelation list! I'll probably procrastinate and spend a lot of time thinking about a list instead of writing it because I am queen of the procrastinators.