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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my drug of choice

a friend of mine was rubbing it in telling me his intentions to purchase the new apple tv. discounting his ipod this will be his first apple purchase. i warned him it's like crack, but prettier. seriously, you can't quit. i own three ipods, an ibook and have an apple wish list longer than anna nicole smith's drug list.


theorris said...

I too ache for the Apple TV. It doesn't, however, have standard video out and I'm not about to toss out my soon-to-be 30-year old Sylvania console giant TV for some piece of crap LCD TV. Now if Apple made a big screen TV...hmmm. One can dream.

ryan said...

ohhhh i can't help but chime in on this one, it's just too iEasy. (as a disclaimer, I am a firm iHater. Apple has a supreme marketing department, but it's products are nothing new or innovative -aside from it's marketing-)

Any reviewer that is unbiased will tell you that the iTV is a complete and utter rip-off. There are media extenders that have been doing what iTV does for quite some time now.

a quick google will make a discerning person double or tripple check their decision to drop the insane amount of cash that Apple is asking for this simple media player.

but the iSheep will love it anyway because it's Apple.

whew.. ok. i feel better now.

ak said...

iSheep? you know, it was not too many years ago when everyone was predicting apple's demise because they insisted on going their own way -- you still have the majority of people saying they have to use PC because thats what everyone else uses.... The real sorry asses are the ones who think that they have to go PC because thats what 95% of the people use. I dont have an iPod because everyone else has one - I have one BECAUSE THE OTHER PRODUCTS SUCK.

theorris said...

Hear! Hear! ak!