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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

traffic light eating disorders

i have semi healthy eating habits, excluding my massive addiction to caffeine. since i agreed to wear the world's smallest bridesmaid dress in a couple of months i'm really going to watch what i eat for a while.

last night at the grocery store i checked to make sure i was buying products with wheat flour not bleached flour (obviously i read the south beach diet book.); i bought soy milk over "real" milk; i steered clear of frozen foods and went for the fresh veggies; i wiped away a tear and skipped the ice cream and pick up some low fat cottage cheese; i glanced fondly at the grandma sycamore's white bread, but reached for the wheat bread with the lowest sugar content; i picked the low sodium crackers, and finally i stocked up on my multi-vitamin pills.

i felt good about my grocery outing, but then on the way home i found myself unwrapping a wedge of death, or brie cheese as the label reads, and taking a bite at the world's longest stop light. as usual i refuse to accept any blame for my actions--this time, i blame the city.

the moral to this self deprecating story is to either start eating lunch or run every red light in the city.


Costanza said...

So you bit into a hunk of cheese? This could be the start of your very own Summer of George.

Bob said...

Biting into a hunk of cheese sounds like something our friend ddr would do.

Speaking of ddr and stores, we were at smith's yesterday, and in our manliness, we purchased pink soda.

Yes, pink soda.


Bar guy said...

I've seen you ( at Murphy's) and you dont have to worry about an eating disorder. You have a great body. If you weren't so intimidating I'd ask you out!

Melliferous Pants said...

It's perfectly acceptable to blame in on the state you live in...that's what I do when I visit my parent's house, aka The Cheese Locker.

And having met you, I can safely say I don't think you need to watch what you eat.

Anonymous said...

You do not have an eating disorder and you do not need to be so health conscience. If anything you could amp up your calorie intake. Who are you kidding?

I LOL'd so hard when I read this one. That's something to keep secret for most women. You tell all.

urban princess said...

bar guy: you think she's intimidating? that's so cute.

Aimee said...

It's perfectly acceptable and healthy to bite into a chunk of cheese. I do so daily at approximately 11am (also known as "cheese time."). It has gotten me such greetings as "What's up, hunk-o-cheese?" from the boys.

Cheese has as much or more of whatever it is in chocolate that makes women feel better. And it has protein and calcium so it's nutritious.

Hooray for hunks-o-cheese. And hooray for being intimidating.