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Thursday, March 29, 2007

the perfect cheesy date--column 3.29.07

go here to read this week's column, unless you're my mother. then please direct your attention to your other children--the ones who don't disappoint you online.


Anonymous said...

Where was the cheesetasting?

Danielle said...

haha shoes are an acceptable housewarming gift for you! :D I suppose I owe you, didn't I miss your teaching in journalism today?
oh and about this "new guy" instead of calling him new guy I vote for calling him "professional cheese taster"

Dave said...

a cheese tasting and i didn't know about it? dammit!

Lincoln said...

Can I call you "Dirty Cheddar?" It's a nickname that just sprang to mind when I read the column. It could be like...your code name or something.