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Friday, March 30, 2007

utah radio i don't hate:

i'm a huge fan of public radio. i look forward to this american life and the diane rehm show, but thanks to the folks over at kcpw for giving me a new favorite: fair game. if you aren't a listener you should be. the host's name is faith salie and is fabulous for so many reasons--she's girly, smart, her website has pink on it and she did a stint on sex in the city and, um, star trek: deep space nine, but no judgement.


Dainon said...

Speaking of public radio ...

Pre-thon's going on right now at KRCL. You can make your secure online donation to the Red Eye pretty much any time.

Then someday I'll be a DJ during a prime time listening spot and you can say you supporting me when.

Dainon said...

And I can start using better Engrish, too, free of typos.