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Sunday, March 11, 2007

post employment funk

i'm in a funk, understandably so--being unemployed can do that to a girl. let me clarify... i'm not in the kind of funk that turns one to retreat in a bottle of vodka and fist full of pills. so, i guess it could be worse.

conserving cash really puts a strain on my ability to function. for example i'm not been to the wine store, or even grocery shopping. the latter should not set off any alarms, as i rarely do that anyway. oh, and don't get me started on how much i miss my soy, sugar-free hazelnut latte from sbux! playing the needs vs. want game totally sucks: i need to get the oil changed in my car, but i want these new shoes. i need to get a new battery for my ibook, but i want this cell phone.

but you know, it's totally worth it-- no more stress headaches among other physical ailments. (insert freedom quote here.)


Lincoln said...

I, and many others, can relate to your financial needs versus your financial wants. I am a poor, poor individual who, months ago, was pining for a new cell phone when I knew I shouldn't get it. I did anyway. The Motorola Krzr. I love it. Moral of the story: I'm not sure. Maybe it's pick the cell phone over the shoes.

jen said...

oohhh, Lincoln, I want the Krzr too! Do you like it?
My sweetest, bestest sister friend: life sucks, huh?
Can't wait to drown our sorrows in ranch dressing.

urban princess said...

need/want, potato/potahto

Anonymous said...

Don't let the British Man get you down. Sounds like your better off being out of that place. I'm sure they are bitter because well, you're you and they are old creepy british men.

Midge said...

In a funk even after a girls day out. I would have bought you a pocket rocket.I should donate my liquer budget to you since i'm dry for atleast 3 more months. Might be worth a drive to st. george to get a case of Trader Joe's 2 buck wine, it's actually quite tasty! Or what I use to do and heaven forbid "the Box".

ryan said...

meh, I'm not a fan of blackberries. But you should definitely score a red one if you go for it.

I bet you're secretly hoping some random person will buy you the shoes and phone out of pitty huh? ;)

Kim said...


Yeah unemployment is a bummer. I'm sure you'll find something fast. You're a smart cookie.

Lincoln said...

Jen: I love the Krzr. Some don't...but I do. I say go for it.

Jen said...

Thanks Lincoln! After re-reading the comments I realized that you had already stated that you loved it.
Sorry I'm a dork!