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Thursday, March 22, 2007

revalations 2--midge, this one's for you.

when i'm depressed i let my dog sleep on my bed.
i can't break the diet coke habit, no matter how hard i try. sometimes i drink one with a vitamin and consider it breakfast.
i think my legs are too fat.
i have a weakness for shoes, they live in a giant pile at the bottom of my closet. i always say i'm going to get a shoe organizer, but i never do.
i like to be earth friendly, but i use paper bowls sometimes because i hate doing dishes.
i do yoga almost every day and count it as exercise.
i stress out every single day over what to wear.
i hate most of my clothing and wish i had a better sense of fashion.
i hate that kate spade discourages light pink because it's cute and she hates cute.
i like to make fun of things, but hate being called judgemental.
i'm nervous to sleep with new people.
if i could, i'd wear my pink 'roos every single day, even with dresses.
i hate my hair, but am afraid if i cut it shorter or change the color i won't be pretty.
sometimes i look in the mirror and think i'm pretty, other times i think i'm too ugly to leave the house.
whatever i wear to bed has to match, even though no one is going to see me.
i'm addicted to lip balm.
i make lists for everything, but usually forget them.
i think god and my mother are confused about the year i was born. i certainly don't feel 31.


Danielle said...

I have a revelation about myself to share with you. I love Sarah's clothes and secertly wish to steal her pink and blue long coat as well as the green one she wore today. HAHA not a secret anymore gimmie your coats!

Midge said...

Sarah still loves me, Thank you. Now you need to love yourself more. You are beautiful and sexy, all the time, and i've seen you at perhaps your worst. You forgot to mention that your bra and panty's have to match too. Thank you for taking the time to bring joy to my boring day.

ryan said...

wait.. is this a list of revelations or psychoses? i forget. :)

oh, and shoe organizers are the shiznit!

Jessica said...

I love light pink. In fact, I am wearing my light pink Nike watch and a light pink shirt!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you're perfectly lovely. Please keep posting these revelations. Insight into your beautiful self is a great way to spend an afternoon at the office. Thanks you.

cornflake girl said...

If I had that pug I'd let her sleep with me always. She's cute!

urban princess said...

Don't hate on Kate Spade.

Aimee said...

1. Wearing pink Roos with dresses seems like a perfectly fine idea to me.

2. The whole idea of shoe organizers is stupid. Forget you ever thought of it. If we had shoe organizers rather than piles in the bottoms of our closets, it would create all sorts of issues... like, where to fit the organizers themselves, and how many shoes they can hold, and what to do when they get full and we can't part with any of the pairs of shoes they are holding.

Five-O-Rama! said...

What ever happened to the Friday Five? Or, should it be the Friday Four?

Amy said...

You are so cool and pretty, how could you ever feel ugly. I agree with aimee, shoe organizers are a terrible idea. Which ones do you double up when you run out? How many do you buy up front? Are they still going to have them when you need more? Piles, it's all about piles. You never see a memorable picture of a girl running late with a martini in one hand, pulling her shoes out of a show organizer, it's out of a pile of shoes.

Keep writing you are so great!!

Ms Aimee said...

you're such a girl, sar. i adore you.