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Monday, January 29, 2007

taking it off!

the health insurance my office provides give us the benefit of 3 massages a month. i haven't been for a while, but the boys still go. i kinda got grossed out last time i went and i could hear ak in the room next to me. i do not want to be naked listening to co-workers talking--i'd much rather keep that nightmare material.

over lunch today, pmk informed us he keeps his underwear on for massages. i was shocked, possibly because i'm single and take my clothes off any chance i get! so pmk has promised to take off his undies if that's what the majority of people do.

vote, and get pmk naked!

When getting a massage to you take your underwear off?
yes, i love an opportunity to get naked!
no, i'll keep my parts to myself. free polls


Pete Dunn said...

That reminds me. I'm an amateur masseuse. Take your underwear off and let me rub you.

Anonymous said...

seconded. naked anytime you can do it is good. i'd walk around outside in the summer naked.. but stupid laws and getting arrested and such get in the way. it's very silly.

Anonymous said...

How to you feel about your readers being naked in the room next to you? If that's cool I can give you the name of the place I go.

Rob said...

I think I was naked many years ago but I can't really remember.

It was a lovely experience but I made the decision to stay dressed until I was paid the big bucks.

I'm still waiting.

Aimee said...

I thought you were supposed to keep your undies on. Last time I went, I forgot I was wearing a thong and I felt all naked and embarassed. Now I don't know WHAT I'm supposed to wear.

Aimee said...

Now I feel sort of naked and embarassed because I signed my name to that.

ryan said...

We have a therapist come in weekly at my work. .. but never without clothes. ...

What kind of 'insurance' do you have again?