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Saturday, January 27, 2007

crafty girls do it better!

you can take the girl out of relief society, but you can't take the relief society out of the girl. or can you?
it's too cold to be outdoors so i decided to get my crafty on. this was my practice piece. i think i'm going to turn it into a magnet for ben's fridge. whether he likes it, or not--because that's what good sisters do.


daniel said...

Only you

Pete Dunn said...

Back in the day, I once convinced Donna to make a theater director friend of mine a lovely, hand-stiched throw pillow. It read, "Blood-filled tool". It is still displayed proudly on the lovely grand piano in the front room. I'm s'proud.

Dave said...

the ocd side of me is bugged that the word "it" is off-center by one stitch.

but i'd still pimp it.

i gotta get this ocd thing fixed. somebody arrange a lunch for me with marc summers.

sarahbellum said...

daniel: i loved that movie.

pete: think you can talk donna into making that for a blog pal? tell her i'll take all that beer off her hands in payment.

dave: me too, why do you think it's going to live at ben's house? duh.

mikey said...

Dear Ms.Bellum--

Crafy girlz f*ckin rool.


Sumwun said...

This is SOOO damn funny. Thank you!

Pete Dunn said...

I'd have to tell her about the blog first, then she would ask about you and I'd tearfully confess my love and she would kill us both. Then Dick Nourse would smear my name amongst the people. So... no.