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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

sars & trannies

i've had sars, or a cold as most people call it, all week. i'm just now feeling well enough to recall another weird lunch conversation with my geeks yesterday. in a span of two minutes the below phrases were uttered-- one by me, and one by pmk. you figure out who said what.

"speaking of transvestites, at my family party this year..."

"my nephews are going to be boys"


Lincoln said...

I'm just wondering why you were "speaking of transvestites."

Anonymous said...

Not to echo Lincoln, but I had the same thought. I want to hear the entire story!

mikey said...


Lord, I hope you're not going to tell us you're really a male. If so, please please please disregard my previous comments about hott jeans.

Uneasily yours,


Bob said...

I mentioned recently to a friend at work that I had a new nephew. He asked what sex it was.