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Friday, January 26, 2007

got sundance? ticket giveaway!!

i have two extra sundance tickets to see "the good night" saturday 6.30 pm at the rose wagner theater. i'm having a blah day and could use a laugh, so the person that comes up with the most entertaining reason they want/need them can have 'em. free, well not exactly free, i am making you work for them.

if you're a super secret spy and don't want to post your reason for others to see, my email works too.


da man said...

I *need* the tickets so I can meet you. Its not a funny reason but the truth. I'll bring you coffee, the fluffy high maintence stuff you like.

Rickster said...

Once upon a time there was a young lad who was a poor struggling student. This lad wanted to go to Sundance, but alas had no funds for it. Someday when this young lad is a famous politician he will pay you back by naming you into some sort of hot chick committee.

Rob said...

Because Mr. Big gets whatever he wants.

Dave said...

i need to go so i can tell danny devito "hey, i loved you in march of the penguins!"

either that or "you fuck rhea perlman? wow!"

Anonymous said...

I want to go because Penelope is hot.

Ryan said...

How would it be to have two EXTRA tickets!?

'Numsey, be a dear and bring the Bentley around.'

'Suzette! Must I REALLY do EVERYTHING myself?'

Is this how the other half really lives? I wanna go...but I'd have to cut the mullet first - or would I?

(the other) Ryan said...

It's my birthday Tomorrow that's why! The horrid 31.. and i could use some of your wise advice on how to cope with such an ugly number.

But i'd only take one.. you'd have to use the other one and exercise your charity and give me a blind birthday date.

add lots some liquor and some politics, even if you hate my guts, i imagine you'd at least get a column out of it.


sarahbellum said...

and the winner is....drumroll please:

the other ryan!!

teh winner said...

"add lots some"

.. UH.. sry. got a little excited.

iWin! iWin! iWin! wooties to me!