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Friday, January 12, 2007

dress for success

pmk sent me an email regarding our new office dress code. he's crazy if he thinks i'm going to wear a blouse or cut my mullet. luckily, there's nothing in there about fishnets and knee shorts, because that's what i'm wearing today. for real.

- Generally, Oxfords & slacks for males, blouses & skirts for females.
- No T-shirts.
- No Jeans.
- No open toed shoes.
- No Dickies.
- No Carhart.
- No Mullets.


Aimee said...

So... You can still wear Flip Flops because technically they aren't "Open toed" right? Technically they are "Toeless" RIGHT?!?

theorris said...

Meh. Dress codes.

The secret word (for verification) that blogger wants me to type is "fumtar." Why do I find that offensive?

mikey said...

Dear Sarah--

What a boring dress code. I wore a neck tie every day in inside sales-- I wasn't sure the guy on the other end of the line was impressed.

I notice (as you point out about the fishnets) that they aren't too specific about women's... foundations. I once dated a girl who got in trouble at work for not wearing a bra. She was cool. And why not consider pulling a Britney...? Ha!