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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


i determine my level of friendship by my ability to make a person cry-- horrible, but true. sometimes it’s the “i hate you’ cry, but typically it’s the ‘oh so tender’ cry i’m going for, mostly because i’m a controlling bitch, but whatever, that’s not really the point.

today, i successfully made my bestest sister friend jen cry. again. it’s usually a bi-weekly thing with her.

i emailed her to tell her about her doppelganger:
today in my writing class the girl across the room from me looked exactly like you did a few years ago. her hair was short and flippy in the back; the color was dark brown with just a hint of red when the light hit it just right. she had pretty pouty lips and your exact skin tone. i kept staring at her, and without a doubt, she must think i’m a total lesbian. she was holding still for so long that i felt as if i was looking at an old picture of you. i was so mesmerized by her, that when she finally moved i freaked out.

her reply was as follows:
your story about the girl in your class made me tear up! you jerk!

yup, I still got it!


dennis said...

If you weren't horrible we'd have nothing to read.

Aaron said...

Your imagination is vivid if you're now turning alive people into pictures. What I wouldn't give to spend a day in your head medicated of course.

sarahbellum said...

dennis: that's my excuse.

aaron: well if it was medicated it wouldn't be quite so vivid, now would it...