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Monday, January 15, 2007

bruised omen

it's no secret i'm a giant clutz. ben always laughs that i manage to get hurt nearly every single time i leave the house! i'm constantly bruised from bumping into things. yesterday was no exception, i smashed my hand on the doorknob trying to hurry out of my apartment. the only thing that differed is where i bruised myself.
seriously, who bruises their left-hand ring-finger? i think it's a bad omen, and i can plan on remaining single forever. i think my editor will be very, very pleased.


theorris said...

Damn! You must have really rapped it a good one. Take some ibuprofen.

mikey said...


Now I feel better. My right hand has been bothering me for three weeks, due to the fact I punched a tree while careening down the Alpental backcountry in several feet of wet-cement snow. Then I fell on my ass walking across the frozen parking lot at my ski condo and had a sore neck. Sure I'm dumber than you, but I have better excuses formy aches and pains. Ha!


RD said...

How hard did you smash it? Your door must be made of steel. That's one nasty bruise. Rub some vitamin E on it.

Jennyjenjen said...

Ouch, honey. That's all I have to say. Ouch.

Midge said...

Try being pregnant, I've fallen twice now, once for no reason in front of 13 people waiting outside a Target for the PS3, and the other day on the way into work. I'm going to start wearing Roller Blade wrist gaurds, If you wear them too we can say it's a new cool trend!

sarahbellum said...

theorris: welcome to my life

mikey: blah, blah, blah...i stopped reading at backcountry.

rd: i'm a wuss.

jen: i know!

midge: that totally sucks.