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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sometimes sarahbellum really does mean little brain

sometimes when i have a really bad day i turn into a retard. today, was one of those days.

i got home from hell work but couldn't get into my apartment. i drove home with my keys but when i got to my front door they were gone. i spent 20 minutes outside in the cold looking for them. i didn't find them on the ground, i found them here:i think it's time for a glass or three of wine and a nice long tubby in my tub that actually drains! thanks to ddr for introducing me to the magic crystals that make cute noises when they kill devil babies.


Sumwun said...

I locked myself out of my place today too. I can lock the front door by turning a button then closing it. So I walked right out, automatically turned the lock and shut the door. Poof outside in winter with no key. Though I did have my car key which is a little brick so I don't keep it on a ring. I drove to work and sorted it out later. You're single? Magna Cum La La Loudly. What the hell did I just type?

Pete Dunn said...

If you want, you can give me a spare key and I'll come let you in when you lose yours.

Bob said...

I'm the one who turned ddr onto the power of the magic crystals.

I need to find me a drain to pour the magic crystals into....I love that sound...