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Saturday, January 13, 2007

the power of bon jovi:

i went to provo last night to see my mom in the hospital, where she's recovering from surgery. i don't deal well with other people being sick. i don't think it's that i'm being selfish, i think always being the patient teaches you to deal with your own health issues and not those of others. that's just life. so, having a sick mother isn't easy for me. seeing her in a hospital bed nearly killed me. between that and the disgusting smell of hospitals i ended up sick to my stomach in the bathroom. luckily holli and the twins got there shortly thereafter, providing some much needed levity to the situation.

i think the god of rock and roll looked down on me with pity, because when i got into my car to head home "you give love a bad name" was playing on the radio. i rocked out, and life was suddenly good again.


Anonymous said...


I hope your mother is okay. Sick parents are hard to cope with in any situation. Best of luck to you and your family.


Truth teller said...

Whoever decided Elvis was the king never heard Bon Jovi. He rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love Bon Jovi!
Im so sorry about your mother! I hope she gets better. I think the Bon Jovi on the radio was a good sign of that :-)

Ms Aimee said...

sick parents and grandparents shake your foundation a bit...take care of you and her.