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Thursday, January 18, 2007

'the family jams'

while driving home last night, i was stressing over dinner.

i didn't have any groceries in the house, unless you count the 72 hour kit santa brought me this year, which i don't. i hate grocery shopping almost as much as i hate the dentist, rush limbaugh, the fact i didn't have to look up the spelling of limbaugh, and grainy porn downloaded from the internet. i looked down at my phone and saw i had a message. it was my uncle bry asking me on a date for dinner. needless to say, i happily accepted.

the company was nice, but truthfully i'd have chosen dinner with charles manson over grocery shopping.


Sofi said...

I am being totally serious when I say that, Utah has the best grocery stores. They're clean and spacious with wide aisles, great produce and a bad ass selection of ice cream. Not to mention that they're usually empty (if even open) on Sunday.

The only downfall would be the mini-grocery carts for children. I'd really like to know who the brrain child was who came up with that brilliant idea.

Pete Dunn said...

By grainy do you mean that it features wheat, corn or oats in some way?

Free advice said...

Hire a teenager in your neighborhood or they have grocery services. Stay away from dinner with serial killers. Family members should be acceptable dinner partners with a clean record.

sarahbellum said...

sofi: i think i'd hate grocery shopping anywhere, has nothing to do with the store quality. i just hate it.

pete: exactly.

free advice: great idea, but then i would have to talk to a teenager. i stopped speaking teen ages ago.