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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


i haven't made sundance a priority like i have in previous years. i'm busier this year and it's just so cold out! waitress was really good, but i've been craving pies ever since. not sure that's a good thing considering jen doesn't live close enough to bake me some. marie callender's pies just aren't the same.

and i are going to see hounddog this afternoon, as i always say 2 sara(h)'s are better than 1. hopefully she'll stop me from doing anything too humiliating like the time i offended jennifer aniston in the bathroom, or the time i almost killed carmen electra with a door. if ak stops being a baby about his sore throat then we'll see king of california tonight. funny how last year i had an ear infection and when i skipped some movies i was a wuss, but look who is sick now. ha! karma's a bitch.

star sightings thus far:
-john hensley, the super yummy son on nip/tuck--who was lucky i had a boy with me, otherwise he would've had to push me off his leg in my attempt to hump it.
-keri russel, um adorable!
-cheryl hines--her face is even pointier in person.
-nathan fillion, whom i've loved since he was the pretty fireman in two guys, a girl, and a pizza place.
-some guy from the show 24 that no one seemed to care about but himself.

ohh, and r-lo claims he saw kevin bacon but he's also a known liar. so, whatever.


slcup said...

Keri Russell's prego.

That crack about Hines is awesome.

pmk said...

umm....what about the best star sighting of all:


I'm selling a map to her house. email me for details.

theorris said...

I've been really bad about going to Sundance stuff since I broke up with my actress girlfriend. Meh.

Pete Dunn said...

Mmmm... bacon.

Anonymous said...

PMK What's your email address?

star search said...

I want to see Sarahbellum!

h.justin said...

Does John Hensley look like Michael Jackson in real life or just on camera? Though the resemblance is much less after season 1 Nip/Tuck.

I envy your Keri Russell sighting.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Keri Russell!!!!!