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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

not the only one-eyed pug out there

i've always wanted to live at the plaza, hell, i'd even settle for just staying there one night at this point! it has nothing to do with the beautiful architecture, nor the famous parties and balls held there over the years. it's all because of the children's storybook character eloise. come on, why do you think i own a pug?!

i was going through my eloise book collection to find the perfect one to give my niece, hannah, for her upcoming third birthday when i found this one:i'd never noticed before, but her pug has one eye too! ok, so maybe it's winking but still...when daisy lost her eye a few years ago, in an effort to console me, by boyfriend at the time said it just looked like she was winking all the time. it made me feel better at the time, and i've thought of it as such ever since.


slcup said...

Good luck staying at The Plaza. You'll need to become friends with someone that lives in the newly converted condos. Jerks.

cornflake girl said...

I want to be 6 forever too!

sarahbellum said...

slc up: total jerks.

cornflake girl: you too can be six forever. get the book!