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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

wanted-paycheck, where criminals go to work....

the geeks and i went on a field trip today to pick up some some geek supplies for jeff. destination--hydrapak seals. for you lucky non-geek hanging folk, this is THE destination for o-rings and any other type of seals. yawn.

while jeff was discussing o-ring pickers (whatever) i was looking around for my own entertainment. when i found this:

chaaa-ching!! business card for none other than warren jeffs, famous and oh so wanted leader of the FLDS church. entertaining isn't it? wait, there's more....scott peterson works there too! who needs the fbi. we have detective sarah and her trusty geeks on the job!


tgi56 said...

Where were you during the search for Elizabeth Smart ? If only you would use your powers for good rather than evil!!!!

theorris said...

Now that's pretty cool.

When I was a kid my mom regularly dragged us to one of the Kingston "Macfrugal" stores. That was simply out of economy on her part, or the sadistic desire to dress her kids in craptastic factory rejects.

The women who ran the store (Kingston wives no doubt) always dressed in pioneer garb and did their hair like Laura Ingles on Little House on the Prarie.

Ethan said...

I'm surprised they still have his businsess card lying around.
Did you know hydrapak made the Challenger o- ring?

sarahbellum said...

TGI--you know very well i use my powers for entertainment, not good or evil!

theorris--let's go with sadistic desire, it's more fun!

ethan--i had no idea they made the challenger o-ring. now i am worried my building is going to blow. well it was nice knowing you all...:)

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