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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friends Who Click

Dear Internet,

As I looked around the multiple birthday celebrations this weekend I couldn't help but notice a theme. Well, beyond the "drunken good times" theme I always abide by. I'm talking about the friends I've found through you. You've brought so many spectacular people into my life I might not have found otherwise.

Thank you for that, and I'll consider it my birthday gift this year, since you didn't provide me with free shipping from Sephora.

Love, Sarah


Ashley said...

now if it could just find you a Ken that talks back...good sharing in the festivities.

girlsnap said...


It was great meeting you and all the other bloggettes. Cheers to doing it all again soon!

Midge said...

How did anyone meet before the internet? I got my best friend (you) and my husband out of it, not too shabby.
Sorry I missed some of the fun, hope you had fun anyways.

rockandcookies said...

Technically we met through a mutual friend. So the internet only helped a tiny bit.

Anonymous said...

Cute post

Melliferous Pants said...

I would like to see a post where you publicly thank "sex" for introducing you to nice girls from California.