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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleeveless for the Holidays

I love Apple products, but absolutely detest The Apple Store. So much in fact, I drive clear out to the 'burbs to visit ExperCom whenever I need help.

A couple weeks ago Maddie and I were shopping at Gateway and decided (after much pleading on her part) to go inside so she could get a laptop case. Since I was already there and had to wait in line with her, I figured I might as well pick up a much needed pink sleeve for my iBook.

I got home and found it was the wrong size. Which was sort of annoying since the salesperson helping me had looked up the exact dimensions of my computer and recommended that size. But whatever, I knew Marky and I would be down there the next day so returning it would be no big deal. And it wasn't, I walked in and traded for what I was promised would be the perfect fit for my treasured Stella James.

Again, I got home and it was the wrong size... still way too big, and isn't the point for the padded sleeve to be snug? When Ben and I went to see a movie a few days later we stopped to return it. While processing the return I asked the salesperson what it would take to get a sleeve that fit my computer. He looked at me and said, "You have to buy a new computer." I laughed, but quickly realized he wasn't kidding. "So you're telling me I have to spend $2,000 to get a $30 sleeve to fit?" "Exactly," he said. I wanted to tell him how ridiculous he was, but by this time Ben was getting the worried "My sister is going to FREAK OUT" face, so I let it go.

Since I refuse to buy a new computer it looks like I'll be sleeveless this winter season.


el viajero said...

ooh, I hate them. I bought an auto adapter for my iPod, which did not adapt well to my car. I returned it, or at least tried to, 40 or so days later (I love the kiddies at g'way, but despise the parents prancing about in the fountain so I avoid the place as if it were a leper colony). The manager refused to refund my money or even give me in-store credit because it was beyond the 30 day return period. She then had the temerity to blame me for not reading the fine print on the receipt noting the 30 day deadline, saying she always read such receipts closely because she works in retail. I told her, "See you next Tuesday." (You'll have to puzzle on that a bit, Sarah.)

theorris said...

Is it just me or does the Apple store at the Gateway smell like a barn or perhaps a state fair cow shed?

Sra said...

That's a sad story. Maybe you or a crafty friend could make a custom sleeve. Much more personal that way anyway.