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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Birthday Letter from Missionary Brother

Dear Sis,

I hope this letter makes it in time to tell you I couldn't find Hello Kitty wine for your birthday. Sorry. I looked EVERYWHERE, and I don't know if it actually exists. But I tried. However, I did find this sweet bike for you.I was going to get it and send it to you by boat, but I'd starve the rest of my mission. We don't get a whole lot of money. Sorry. Maybe next time.

How old are you going to be this year? Was it 21 or 22? I can't remember. By the way, I thought you'd like a picture of me with Sapporo beer. Ever tried it? Any good? I was about to buy it and sent you some but realized two things: I was transferring the next day and it might be bad to show up with beer in my luggage, and also you can probably buy it in Utah. Notice the symbol for beer in Japanese. It may be useful when you come pick me up! I love you and thank you for everything you do for me. Including the time when I was little and you tricked me into getting drunk. I really thought I was drunk even though it was apple cider. I've never have any alcohol since that day. I think I was four of six. You were a funny sister to have then and now.

Happy Birthday!!!

Love, Elder Bear


Anonymous said...

That's sweet. Your family really loves you!

mrs.ak said...

It does indeed exist and very cute but as your brother doesn't have access to a computer - may be tricky

jen said...

awww, I love Chaddy bear.
Show this to your mommy!
Send him my love.

Annie, The Evil Queen said...

This is wonderful. It makes me want to give you both a hug.