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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google-Talking Ourselves out of Fitness:

me: Is it possible to feel too fat for the gym?

marky: I'm right there with ya. I feel more like doing whatever is opposite of the gym. Which, I guess, is what I am doing right now.

me: I need better gym clothes... that's my thing.

There ya go! Let's go shopping for gym clothes, instead.


marky: Shrug..Target?

me: I could use a Target run.

marky: Sweet.

me: But now I am in ugly gym clothes, so give me a few to change into real clothes again.

marky: Lemme get out of these silly gym clothes. Heh... we're funny.


ak said...

I agree with Midge. Marky is imaginary.

mark said...

ak: That'd be funny if I was, huh?

Ascore said...


Sarahbellum said...

ak: That might work, but you've met him.

mark: no, not at all.

ascore: thanks doll.