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Thursday, November 15, 2007

IN Utah This Week--The Dating Years--Issue#78

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justme...ryan said...

So, it is not my intention to initiate a battle of words...but what the hell. I am actually an out of towner as well. I came here for work and have stayed for fun. I think that attitude kind of makes it what it is. Are you the person that was smoking the cigar in the red Toyota LandCruiser? Just wondering?

And why talk about this nonsense? We just got to laugh our asses off at the most recent issue "The Dating Years." These posts fill my life with a bit of happiness each day. Who can get enough of this girl? Seriously...if I didn't have a sweet gal already...mmmmm. Well, enough of that...I just wanted to post my thoughts. Sorry to offend...but these posts by sarah"bella"m are too great and this one had nothing to do with the night life and to do's of Utah...peace!

Sarahbellum said...

justme...ryan: I just read the comments posted to my column on the IN site (in case others don't know what he's referring to).

Thanks for your kind words! And the "Sarah'bella'm"? Love it!!