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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting Issues... the Funny Kind

I voted. I considered posting another picture of my sweater voting like I did last time, but decided not to bore you with something I'd done before.

Besides the picture looks almost exactly the same, except my sweater is white this time and I have two brown "I Voted" stickers instead of one. Which really just made my sweater look like it was hosting two giant brown nipples. Which it's not.

After voting I handed the electronic card back to the woman and asked if she could see if my brother had remembered to vote. She looked, and he hadn't. She stuck a second sticker on my sweater and said, "When you see your brother today tell him you have his sticker and won't release it until he's voted." I laughed and then walked through the school out the front door, proudly showing my nipple votes to the small children milling about.

I will not be showing Ben his sticker. I'm sure the woman would understand.


girlsnap said...

I heart Dave Buhler.

Candace said...

I want voting nipples!

ak said...

Becker has my vote - as our best biodiesel customer

Sarahbellum said...

Girlsnap: You mean you "like" Dave Buhler.

Candace: No, you just want to be a patriotic stripper!

AK: "Purrrr-fect."