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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weird, me? Never.

Tagged: I am to post 7 weird things about myself.

The rules are:

A). Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1) I still sleep with a baby blanket. I've been known to take it along when spending the night with men. An ex used to tease me mercilessly, but secretly he thought it was hot.

2) I cannot sleep if my knees are touching, or if my my hair is touching my face. The baby blanket comes in handy for keeping my knees apart (insert own perverted thought here). The hair issue is solved by putting my hair in a bun at night. Which, I've been told, makes me naughty librarian hot.

3) I like my coffee better cold, even in the winter. I think it's the last remaining bit of Mormon in me. MUST DRINK CAFFEINE COLD! That shit is hardwired into my brain.

4) I hate pushing a grocery cart. When I go shopping I use the little basket, even if it means going to the grocery store more often. The only time I push one is when I go to Costco with Marky, and he ditches the cart like he did today. Yes, I'm still bitter.

5) There are stacks of books surrounding my bed, but when I bring a guy home I kick them under the bed so he doesn't see. I have no idea why I don't want a man to see how much I read, especially since it helps with the naughty librarian role play.

6) I made up words all the time and try to pass them off as actual words. Sometimes I can be so convincing I forget they aren't real myself.

7) I know an entire bottle of wine fits perfectly into a Nalgene bottle. I know this because it's the only way to get me to go camping and/or hiking. Red wine makes everything fun! I don't actually think this is weird, but others have teased me enough I'm nearly convinced.

Note to self: be less weird.

I'm too lazy to tag anyone, so let's mix this up and let seven readers tag themselves. Leave a comment on this post so people can link to yours.


Suzanne said...

Sometimes I think I should hide all of the yarn in my living room before people come over so no one realizes im the crazy cat lady.. minus the cats.

Sumwun said...

In Salt Lake this week. Can install Leopard on your Mac (which you could do by yourself I am sure!) I am just talking about sharing a drink or an ice cream. Seriously, we click go on the installer and we'll have nothin' to do for a while.

Amberly said...

Red wine DOES make everything fun. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Anonymous said...

I'll give you 2 weird things.

I read your blog obsessivly only commenting anonymously since we used to date and it didn't end well.

I still think about you and I'm happily married.

Sra said...

Dude, that anonymous guy you used to date is stalker-creepy.

ryan said...

It's official. Myspace has leaked to the blogosphere.

Epic said...

^ Wut ryan said.

Anonymous said...

You people need to learn the definition of the word stalker, and get over it. Purposely living her life as public as Sarah does, down to minute details via Twitter, she has no right to complain.
Since there are plenty of ways for to ensure only her elite circle of friends can see her musings, yet she doesn't use them, I have to assume she gets a kick out of being the cool girl that everyone watches.

Sra said...

There's a difference between having a public blog (who doesn't?) and being that creepy guy who obsessively follows everything the public blog writer writes... including twitter details. (Try putting some of that energy into your marriage!) Just sayin'.

ak said...

commentary on your weird facts:

1) strange, i thought arloshack slept with a baby blanket to.
2) try a side pillow, better for your back.
3) agreed - mormon thing.
4) basket saves money.
5) stack of books convenient when you bring a midget home to get into bed.
6) this is great - e.g. "arloshack".
7) sarah camping? i dont believe it.

Anonymous said...

Sra said...

Anonymous said...

My response to Sra:

It's there. It's public. It's advertised. Any other person, give the cirumstances, would also read as much as possible. Hardly qualifies as the definition from Merriam Webster's law dictionary as " the act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death esp. because of express or implied threats;"

Nope, not stalking. Just reading what's there and adverstised.

Scott the Stray said...

Not to defend anyone or anything but if me ex wrote a blog I would probably read it. I probably wouldn't comment on it but I would read it.

As for your list, since I am the exact opposite of Mormon, #3 could be something else. I always drink my coffee cold (iced that is) even when its freezing cold. I get a lot of weird looks in the winter. I just have never liked hot drinks of any kind, not even hot chocolate.

As for #5, for some weird reason some girls (i.e. Sarah) don't want to let guys know they like to read, especially when what they like to read these said guys have probably never heard of and most likely wouldn't understand why all the books are different prints of Catcher in the Rye.

And thanks for making up Stray.

Sra said...

To the creepy anonymous guy:

Thanks for the lesson in how to use a dictionary, but you will note I used the term "stalker-creepy". This is a compound adjective, which is different from a noun. It's saying you are creepy in the way that a stalker is creepy. You get all defensive about being associated with the term stalker, which to me says you are slightly creeped out by your own behavior, and are trying to justify it.

So let me ask you this: wouldn't it be much less stalker-creepy to either:

a) Decide you want to post anonymously, and then DON'T leave little clues alluding to the fact that you used to date blog writer and still think about her even though you're married.

b) Decide that you actually are past your past and post without hiding your identity. Maybe saying something along the lines of: "You know, Sarah, I know our relationship ended badly, but I still think fondly of you and respect your writing, and that's why I enjoy following your blog. Hope you don't mind that I read along." No more cloak-and-dagger.

c) Check in every now and then, (who doesn't look in on their exes every now and then?) but seriously focus that obsessive energy into your wife.

Think about it.

Samantha said...

1) My worst bathroom fear is that the public bathroom I just walked into will not have paper towels available. It's not because I hate those air drying hand machines, it's because I have a huge problem with touching the bathroom door handle that leads me back into the store or restaurant. If I see that they don't have paper towels, I will take a wad of toliet paper and open the door. I then hold the door open with my leg and stretch to the garbage can to throw the tissue away. I'm sure I look like a nut job, but it eases my mind about all the poop and pee that could be on my hands.

2) I hate with a PASSION the sound of ticking wall clocks when I'm trying to sleep. My hearing is really really good, so I am even able to hear our bathroom wall clock ticking away in our bedroom if the bathroom door is not closed. *shivers* I hate that ticking sound.

3) I prefer my carbonated beverages to be room temperature. Yes, I'll drink a cold can of pop, but it feels too cold and hurts my teeth and tastes really strong. I also really hate drinking a carbonated beverage in a glass at a restaurant. Just give me the actual can baby cakes!

4) When my nose is super runny and blowing it constantly will not help...I ram a bunch of toliet paper or kleenex up my nose and walk around looking like a walrus. I got this skill from my lovely father. My husband has gotten used to me looking like this, so it's all cool babies.

5) Growing up my family never slept with loose bed sheets. We just had the fitted sheets and our blanket. My husband is one of those people that sleeps with his loose sheet tightly tucked in so that he can't even move one muscle. Oh my gosh, ugh I would die. Loose sheets seem like such a waste of money to me, why not just wash your actual blanket or comforter more often? I bought this super soft blanket for a reason...I don't think I should have to feel the rough and thin sheets against my body! My husband sleeps with his side of the sheets completely tight and I sleep with the sheets all pulled out or I don't even use the sheets at all.

6) To continue on the bedroom situation...we also use two separate blankets because I really love this 'silky' blanket I had since I was a younger teenager and my husband finds it to be gross and icky. So he wraps himself in our fancy comforter while I am smiling with my old blanket from the 19 dicketies. He's SUCH a blanket/bed hog to begin with, so it all works out for us in the end...that's what she said.

7) I can not raise one eyebrow or wiggle my ears. I can cross one eye while keeping the other eye completely straight. Have me do it one day for you, you'll be really creeped out, ha.

Anonymous said...

All your weird is weirdly adorable and makes you, you.