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Friday, November 30, 2007

In Utah This Week Issue #80

To read this week's "The Dating Years" column click here!

Come on, you got something better to do? I didn't think so. GO. NOW!


el viajero said...

A 5-year plan sounds Soviet-tastic! Let's see, an inefficient allocation of resources leading to a surfeit of some goods and a dearth of others.

Sarah's social life: a surfeit of guy friends and no boyfriends. Stalin approves! ("Comrades! A red star and a Russian fur hat to keep our heroine of the Soviet Union warm!") And anyone with a mustache that luxurious and full (really, it's like a beaver on his lip) is trustworthy.

Elizabeth said...

Why must there be a plan? Isn't it sad to be reduced to a pawn in someone's 5-year plan?

I'm 36, single, and overly educated. I don't plan on being an eternal dater, either, and I hope/believe that I'll meet someone to get married. However, if that doesn't happen, it's not the end of the world. I have supportive family/friends/kids (my dogs are my babies, like your Daisy to you), I enjoy my work and through it I'm contributing to the society.

There are so many things that are 10-times worse (or more) than being single - refugees in Africa, children dying of starvation, healthy/homeless pets being euthanized ... If we make a list of 10 most painful things in the world, being single isn't going to make it to the list.

My 5-year plan (i.e., if I'm ever going to make one) would be about how I'm going to make a positive contribution to the world, not to find a husband.

Maybe it's time to tell your male readers that men, be aware - you really are not that important; Dr. Missy's got more important things to do.

Sra said...

I think it's best to just go with the flow of things, rather than try to impose a time line on your dating life. That way, there are no expectations to not live up to. Get serious when it feels right, and not just because you think it's time.