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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good Luck Charms

I had a math test last night. In a frantic rush to get out the door I didn't take the time to look for my cute Hello Kitty pencil Mrs. Ak brought me from Japan, instead just grabbed the first pencil in my junk drawer. I tossed it and a calculator into my bag and was off.

It wasn't until half way through the test when I needed to erase something that I noticed the penis pencil topper. I'm not in the habit of adding extra male anatomy to already semi-phallic items--this was all Quinn-diesel's doing. Last year when he spruced my my pen and pencil jar I laughed and shoved in in a drawer, forgetting about it until today.

As silly as I felt I still scored my highest thus far. Now the debate begins: do I take my good luck pencil back next week, or pass the good luck on and stash it in a co-workers office?


Sra said...

If you do choose to spread the penis power, make sure it's to someone who could really use the boost.

Quinn Diesel said...

If you'll notice its even a circumcised penis, which I'm told is an important requirement.

Perhaps the better score had more to do with what was in front of your face the whole time.... *just a thought*, pun intended.

Anonymous said...

I could use a boost. I'd rather have the real thing but that'll do.

Anonymous said...

How funny!!! Did people notice?

ak said...

too funny Quinn-Diesel, i never heard about this. SN- Congrats on the high math score!

Ascore said...

Amazing. Haha.