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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Letter to Self, and You

Dear Self,

After reading these comments, remember despite all of it, you really, really like blogging. It gives you a creative outlet and an opportunity to practice the craft of writing. Also, remember the laugh factor--you’ve always been the happiest when you make someone laugh and smile.

Love, Sarah
PS. Your ass looks hot today.

Dear Readers,

I’m fully aware that by blogging about my life, it’s out there for anyone to read. I have no problem with that. Sure, sometimes a comment will irk me, but not for long. Roll with the punches, right? I think Stray Scott nailed it when, in a comment, he said that he too would read the blog of an ex. I have as well, and don't think it's a big deal.

I would like to address this comment: “Purposely living her life as public as Sarah does, down to minute details via Twitter, she has no right to complain.” I want you to know I’m not complaining, at all. I'll keep blogging, if you keeping reading. Deal?

Love, Sarah
PS. I hope your asses look good today, too!

Dear Ex,

I suspect you're not the only ex reading this site. I don't mind. Whichever ex you are, I hope you are happy and well.



Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I love your blog and would hate to see it go away. I'll definately keep reading!!

Girly Anonymous said...

My ass does look good today, thank you!

It says something about you if exboyfriends still read you. Take it as a compliment and go with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if we didn't have Sarah's blog to read what would we discuss at Local 86, Sarah's ex-boyfriend's union meetings? On the best of days they are terminally boring, what, with all the unprovoked whinging, pining, and other nonesuch. And when the LDS ex "forgets" to bring the coffee and beer? Oh, the humanity! (Or more apropos for Utah: Whither the children!)

- The Yuppie ;-)

el viajero said...

"Sarah's ex-boyfriend's union meetings"


Sra said...

It's the witty banter and charm that makes your readers come back. I started reading your IN articles, thinking at first that they were written for the local Mormon crowd. (Your picture in IN just has that Mo-mo look.) So I read your articles hoping to make fun of them, but I found that you had me laughing, and so I decided to check out your blog, and the laugh-fest continues. Keep up the writing, even if commenters like myself like to stir up the muck every now and again :)

Dave said...

Can I have you judge my ass and tell me if it looks good?

girlsnap said...

Blogs rule. Cheers to spilling your girl-guts on the innernets!

Midge said...

Your ass always looks great. So now everytime someone posts something anonymously are we going to have to wonder if it's 'him'. I have my theories on who 'him' is, I'm assuming you do too.

Mads said...

My asses look great, thanks.

People are fucking creepy.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you blog. Your site is the second site I read each day. beats you.

I think your witty and charming and wish I lived in your state so I could buy you a cup of coffee.