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Monday, November 05, 2007

Always the Klutz

A friend gave me a Sonicare for my birthday. I know what you're thinking, "That's an extravagant gift from a friend." But it's okay because we almost got married once.

I've been wanting one for a while, but have a hard time justifying that much money for a toothbrush. That sort of cash should be spent exclusively on hot jeans or shoes.

I was so excited I immediately ran into the bathroom to try out my new toy. However, I made the mistake of putting the toothpaste on and turning the brush on before putting it into my mouth. Not my smartest move! Rather than hugging my friend and thanking him for the gift I managed to get toothpaste in his eye and all over my bathroom. Awesome.


Scott the Stray said...

Awesome! Everybody does that the first time they use it. I love mine. Mostly because you just stick it in your mouth and it does all the work.

BTW, isn't there some sort of rule that if a gift costs more than $100 some sort of sexual act needs to be involved? Or is that just for old married people?

Anonymous said...

For Sarah's sake I hope the rule is only for married folk.

Midge said...

Ryan got me one for christmas 2 years ago and I hate it, it's the one that doesn't have an adjustable spead and it makes my brain vibrate. Ryan left his in our Honeymoon sweet so he stole mine. I only use it before a dentist apointment (I use a different head than him) and I do that with the tooth paste every time.