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Sunday, June 03, 2007

why ben's not speaking to me:

in utah this week was a sponsor for this year's pride parade. ben, being the good brother he is, walked in the parade with us. after hearing numerous times how cute his dimples were he shut down and hid in the booth. i think he was just mad i got to ride in a car and he had to walk. it pays to wear shoes that are pretty and not at all sensible. comfortable tennis shoes guarantee you're walking!


Melliferous Pants said...

Fun! I wish I had been in town for the pride parade!

An Old Friend said...

Wow Sarah! You look great! It's been nice reading your blog and seeing what crazy things you've been up to. I always enjoyed your adventures!

Anonymous said...

In that 1st picture Ben looks like the sad little puppy you just stepped on my accident.

Pride was great. I saw you in the parade and looked again for you later so I could say hello. Didn't find you. The IN booth was cool even if I didn't win anything. Thanks for the chapstick!