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Thursday, June 14, 2007

why people suspect ben is gay:

ever since ben joined me in the pride parade people have mistaken him as gay. i really think the parade has nothing to do with it, but the man flirting and dimples do. okay, i exaggerate... ben doesn't man flirt, he's just a nice, friendly guy to everyone.

i invited him to come along to the trapp door last night for drinks with some friends. he declined. when my phone rang an hour later with his name showing up on the caller id, i answered "BEN, i knew you'd change your mind, admit your man love and want to come to the gay bar tonight!!" there was a slight pause and then one of his co-workers started asking me a question. oops!

**just a reminder, ben is very, very straight.**


Lincoln said...

How does Ben feel now that you've outed him?

justanotherben said...

Haha.. Your title lead my co worker to search for blogs related to ben being gay. Killer SEO targeting lol. If you know what that is.