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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

tour de girl

no, this is not a lesbian post. sorry, boys.

i made the trek to utah county today to see midge and milinda, and their respective male company, or children as others keep calling them. it's nice that my girlfriends live within five minutes of one another, i just with it were somewhere in the salt lake valley.

milinda and i met for lunch at chadders, the american fork knockoff of in-n-out burger. it was a sad affair. the food sucked and it took way to long for sucky food. it tasted nothing like in-n-out, but did look like a very cheap knockoff. what a complete and total waste of six bucks.

midge and i went for iced tea and dessert at some sandwich place by her house. when i asked if they had iced coffee the clerk just looked at me with the stepford wives blank stare. do people really not know what iced coffee is? come on.

the point of this post is not to bitch about utah county eating establishments, but to bitch about my friends--that's right. two of my best girls let me wander around IN PUBLIC with the tag still on my pants! it's one think to overlook the tag out of pure excitement to wear cute new pink summery pants, but how i didn't feel the tag rubbing on my butt is beyond me.


Ms Aimee said...

i wanna see the pants with our without tag! funny tho. that's almost as bad as toilet paper on the shoe.

Dennis said...

Perhaps Lincoln is onto something. I'd tune in. You could be the female Seinfeld. An entire show about an exposed tag.

ThatOneWife said...

You should have tried the Italian Place down the road from Chadders - the best Cheese Steak in Utah!

Midge said...

I didn't see a tag! and what no props for the free 7's. I'd tell you if you had something in your teeth or your areola was exposed, i really am a good friend i promise.