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Friday, June 08, 2007

weird things people do:

i call this the cross-over talk. when ben talks on his cell phone he uses his right hand for his left ear and the other way around. it drives me nuts! i don't think you should have to be a contortionist to talk on a phone. he also does it when driving which makes it extra interesting.


Dave said...

he should just do this:

ak said...

Its because he needs to use his left brain to hold the phone in his right hand and his right brain to converse. I'm guessing he is having a random, subjective right-brain conversation with one of his not-gay boyfriends.

If he is having a work conversation requiring analytical or logical thought, then he would reverse the ear and hand.

sarahbellum said...

dave: i'm going to suggest it!

ak: that's an idea, but really when you're "asleep in your mind" it's hard to focus on things like hands.