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Monday, June 25, 2007

filthy fun!

a group of us went to the arts fest this weekend to see the filthy gorgeous fashion show. it was incredible! obviously i was especially obsessed with the pink guitar.

i had a semi-date with me, which ben claims scarred him for at least a week. my date happens to be a family counselor, so of course ben insisted on immediate therapy to deal with a man flirting with his sister. and you think i've got issues?

thanks to cottonsox photography for letting me post one of her "bloody brilliant" pics!


h.justin said...

I also saw the fashion show yesterday. I couldn't believe how many people watched it.

The festival was great this year, wasn't it?

Mrs. AK's husband said...

I have to say that I was really impressed with the fashion show... nice to see we have some real talent in Utah - and I'm not just talking about the models... good job Keith!

Anonymous said...

Were you at the festival yesterday? I thought I saw you. Pink shirt jeans thongs? Not sure cuz you had a kid with you.

Did see the fashion show and thought it was very cool. Lots of long olegs.

sarahbellum said...

hj: i liked this year's festival better than the rest. the fashion show really made a difference.

mrs. ak's hubbie: you're a geek, just so you know.

anon: yeah, i was there clad in a pink tank top and jeans. however, i really doubt you could have seen my thong, so i'm guessing you meant my flip-flops? the adorable child wasn't mine. i stole her in order to get dippin dots. seriously, i'll do anything to get those. ANYTHING!