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Saturday, June 16, 2007

sloppy joes & sloppy 'hos

ben and i went to a family reunion today. not necessarily because we wanted to, but because my mom is the master of all things guilt. it didn't hurt knowing i'd see my mom, aunt carol, holli and the twins. all of whom i never see enough.

i was in line with ben getting sloppy joes, because that's how my family rolls, when my aunt judy looked over and noticed two very large hickies on ben's neck. rather than chastise him she just asked why he didn't bring the girl with him as a date. how great is that?

on the drive home i gave ben advice on how to get rid of the hickies, as well as suggesting he date girls who are over the age of 16.


ryan said...

OUCH! Geeze, I'm sure Ben loves to have moments like this publicized.

I feel for you dude.

Dave said...

how DO you get rid of hickies?

i ask just out of curiosity sake. really! no, really!

Lincoln said...

I never have and never will understand hickies. Obviously I'm missing something God, is sucking that hard even enjoyable?

Rob said...

I'm with Dave. As I am far too old to even hope to receive a hickey, I am still curious about the mysterious technique that would be utilized to erase said neck-sucking-passion-mark. Do tell.